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LOOPKILL,is the best bio rational product for effective control of helicoverpa . It has been widely used and acknowledged among the tea planters of India . The main component for its excellent functionality is Oligosaccharides that is extracted from the plant Andrographis and plant metabolite in form of carriers. Oligosaccharides that is extracted from Andrographis and is used for the preparations of LOOPKILL has insecticidal properties to control Spodoptera, Helicoverpa and other caterpillars effectively.

Borostar Plus


Borostar is a unique biological insecticide based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring Seaweed extract and Annona Retculata that infects and kills chewing pest . It has proved to be highly effective against fruit and shoot borer . Borostar plus has shown excellent result on brinjal(eggplant), tomato and various other fruits and vegetables.



Miteshot advanced bio-rational product that offers complex modes of action to control broad spectrum of mites. It is made up of eugenol and karanjin oil extract which has been proved to be a very efficient acaricide .Combining high performance with operational flexibility and long-lasting control, Miteshot strengthen integrated pest management programs (IPM) and resistance management (IRM) programs for a wide range of fruit, vegetable, and nut crops, as well as turf and ornamentals .



It is is a unique bio rational product and has broad spectrum coverage . It is excellent product which provides you crop protection against Mites,Lepidoteras and all sucking pests. Trident has growth promoting substances that keeps your plant vigorous and healthy.



Star fly is a unique biological insecticide effective against sucking insects like thrips, jassids , aphids, white flies Highly effective at low use-rates against a broad spectrum of sucking and leaf-dwelling pests .Rapid uptake and fast-acting, regardless of dry or wet conditions ensuring high performance levels

Karbo Green


Karbogreen is a proper blend of Humic acid, Fulvic acid,Amino acids and various micronutrient which provides an ideal source of nourishment for plants. It is an excellent soil conditioner which improves carbon content of your soil. It is made up of CWDG technology(control water disposable granual) which provides maximum utilization of components.